School Clothing

The School asks that its pupils wear the appropriate school uniform each day.

To follow the recommended dress code, we ask the following :

Trousers/ skirts and pinafore dresses – Grey (not black or blue; no leggings); skirts and dresses should be knee-length
Sweatshirts/cardigans – School blue, preferably with the school logo
Zip-up fleece – School blue with the school logo (worn as an outdoor garment)
Polo shirts – Pale blue (with or without the school logo)
Socks – Grey short or long socks, grey tights
Shoes – Black (heels should be low; no strappy sandals, knee-length boots or sports trainers with an obvious logo

In the Summer/warmer months, pupils may choose to wear:

Girls : Summer dresses – Pale blue/white checked or striped; white socks are an additional option in the Summer months
Boys/girls : Shorts – Grey, knee length or just above knee

Regular physical education is an important part of the curriculum that we provide for children, and as such a PE Kit is needed.

For indoor PE:

A pair of PLAIN black shorts, football or cycling-type;

A PLAIN white T-shirt;

N.B. If, for religious reasons, black shorts for girls cannot be worn, a pair of close-fitting black PE leggings should be worn instead

Outdoor PE

For outdoor PE – and for wearing over their black shorts and white T-Shirt on their way to and from school on PE Days:

A PLAIN black, grey or blue sweatshirt;

A pair of coordinating tracksuit bottoms in black, grey or blue;

A pair of  trainers.

As the children come to school in their PE Kit on PE Days, they should bring a spare pair of shoes (trainers or school shoes) and socks with them to change in to should their feet get wet whilst outside in their lesson; this extra pair of shoes and socks should be brought in and taken home on each PE Day and should not be left in school. They should be brought in in a drawstring PE bag or in their school bag (dependent upon size of the bag and shoes!).

As the children begin to play games they may require other P.E. kit, for example, children playing soccer must wear shin-pads for safety.

It is a great help if all school clothes are named as so many become “misplaced”. Found items are regularly displayed, and any unclaimed items are disposed of/re-cycled after one term.

All of these items are available from www.rosebuddiesonline.co.uk 

For Rosebuddies, ordering can be done online or forms can be collected from the school office (or downloaded and printed from our website > ‘Useful Forms’) to complete and return, or items may be collected directly as Rosebuddies have a stall on Loughborough Market on a Thursday and Saturday.

Items of our school uniform can also be ordered from Example School Uniforms open 5 days a week & 6 days throughout the summer holidays, FREE Parking, Changing Room Facilities, buy in-store on OR order online please click the link Below. Unit 2F, Sileby Road Industrial Estate, Barrow Upon Soar, Loughborough, LE12 8LP, 01509 813888


Our School PSA hold Second-Hand School Uniform Sales at points during the school year, so are always grateful for supplies of good quality uniform to sell (newer logo only) – items that others could make use of in support of sustainability, recycling and saving money!

Ahead of each Sale, a message is sent home requesting donations and publicising the Sale.

We hold some limited stock of ‘used uniforms’ that we are able to sell throughout the school year for any family who requires some. Prices are based upon the individual product on sale, but are kept low to reflect that the uniforms are pre-worn/pre-used. Please contact the School Office for any further information.

Jewellery and Goggles

We ask that children do not wear jewellery at school, as it can be dangerous on the playground and difficult to trace if it is lost. However, if earrings are to be worn they must be small, plain studs. Similarly nose piercings should only be maintained through the wearing of a small studs, however, as stated, we do not promote the wearing of any jewellery in school.

Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery, including earrings and nose studs, during P.E. as it can cause serious injury. This is the policy informed by BAALPE guidelines/ recommendations.

Children who need to wear goggles for swimming need to have this confirmed by a letter from parents and/or GP.