Local Advisory Board

The School Governors:

Chair of Trustees: Andrew Bruce (appointed as Chair, Sept 2023)

Mr Brucecan be contacted via the School Office


Andrew Bruce (appointed by parent election; June 2021).

Elizabeth Monk (appointed by Trust Board; June 2019)

Helen deRijk (co-opted October 2023)

Jagjit Samra (appointed by Trust Board; November 2020)

Joanna Linton (appointed by academy members; December 2020). Vice Chair of Trustees.

Kelly Bayliss (co-opted December 2023)

Hannah Grosvenor (appointed by staff election: December 2022)

Joanna Pellereau (appointed by staff election: December 2022)

Academy Members:

Joanna Linton (appointed by academy members; December 2012)

Andrew Bruce (appointed by Trust Board; June 2021)

Hannah Grosvenor (appointed by staff election: December 2022)

The Governing Board of our school plays a key role in:

· Setting the strategic plan for the school.

· Setting targets for raising standards of educational achievement.

· Monitoring progress towards meeting these targets.

· Finding the right balance between supporting and challenging the performance of the Headteacher and therefore the performance of his/her staff and the school as a whole.

· Deciding policy and future development plans.

· Upholding good governance and working towards the success of the school.

The role of the Governing Body/Trust Board is one of oversight and it is not involved in the day to day management of the school. The Headteacher role includes the educational performance of the school and operational responsibilities.

School Headteacher

and Staff

Governing/Trust Board Parent Staff Association (PSA)
Manage the day to day operation of the school and education of the pupils. Provides strategic leadership and accountability.

Supports the school with fundraising and other events.

The Governing Body/Trust Board operates a code of conduct which sets an ethos of professionalism and high expectations of governors.

The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee have the delegated authority to make financial decisions on behalf of the academy; any other committees or working groups must make representation to the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee with regards to any decisions that might have financial impact upon the school.

The Full Governing Body/Trust Board meets 4 times per academic year (minimum of once per term). The Governing Body/Trust Board establishes the overall framework for the governance of the academy and determines membership, terms of reference and procedures of committees and other groups. It receives reports from its committees for ratification. It monitors the activities of the committees through the minutes of their meetings. The Board may, from time to time, establish working groups to perform specific tasks over a limited timescale.

There are 3 committees:

· Personnel (Pupils and Staff)

Chair of Personnel Cttee: Joanna Linton.

· Finance, Audit and Risk (including H&S/Environment)

Chair of Finance, Audit and Risk Cttee: Hannah Grosvenor

Teaching and Learning (Standards and Curriculum)

Chair of Teaching and Learning Cttee: Elizabeth Monk

The terms of reference (ToR) for each governor/trustee committee set out the expectations for that committee. The ToR are reviewed annually as a minimum expectation but may be reviewed earlier at the request of the Chair or any other governor/trustee.

Each committee has a Chairperson (annual appointment) and a Minute-taker is agreed each meeting; the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee have a dedicated Minute-taker.

Minutes from each committee meeting are shared with all governors/trustees prior to each Full Governors/Trustees Meeting and each governor/trustee has the opportunity to question, challenge and request further information from committee members.

Governor Attendance at Meetings of the Full Governing Body (Trust Board) 2020-21

Trustee Meetings attended       Out of a possible
James Flint 5 5
Joanna Linton 5 5
Jagjit Samra 4 5
Helen deRijk 4 5
Michael Hoare 4 5
Joanne Downs 5 5
Yasser Eliwa 5 5
James Leeson 5 5
Elizabeth Monk 5 5
Kelly Bayliss 5 5
Andrew Bruce (appointed


1 1

Governor Attendance at Meetings of the Full Governing Body (Trust Board) 2021-22


Trustee Meetings Attended Out of a possible
James Flint 4 4
Joanna Linton 4 4
Yasser Eliwa 4 4
James Leeson 3 4
Andrew Bruce 4 4
Jagjit Samra 4 4
Liz Monk 4 4
Joanne Downs 0 4
Kelly Bayliss 2 4
Helen deRijk 2 4
Michael Hoare 4 4

Governor Attendance at Meetings of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee 2020-21

Trustee Meetings attended        Out of a possible
James Flint 6 6
Joanna Linton 6 6
Jagjit Samra 6 6
Michael Hoare 6 6
Yasser Eliwa 6 6
James Leeson 6 6

Governor Attendance at Meetings of the Finance, Audit and Risk Cttee 2021-22


Trustee Meetings Attended Out of a possible
James Flint 4 6
Joanna Linton 4 6
Yasser Eliwa 6 6
James Leeson 4 6
Andrew Bruce 4 6
Jagjit Samra 6 6
Michael  Hoare 6 6

Joanna Linton, Vice-Chair of Governors

Joanna has been a Governor at the school for many years.  She was one of the original Trust Members and was appointed to this position by the academy members on 1st December 2012.

As well as being Vice-Chair of Governors, Joanna also chairs the Personnel Committee.

Re-appointment as a Trustee: December 2020

Re-appointment as Vice-Chair of Trustees: September 2021

Helen deRijk

I have been a Governor at Mountfields Lodge School for 18 years, working with 3 Head Teachers. I started off as a parent Governor and am now an elected Staff Governor/Trustee.

I have been a Teacher here in varying roles from 2001, with the last 7 years being in Year 2.  I have 4 children, who all came to this school, as we live in the local area. We enjoy cycling, walking and skiing as a family.

Current term started: 9/10/23

Current term ends: 9/10/24

Jagjit Samra

I became a governor in November 1991 when Mountfields and Lodge Farm schools amalgamated to form Mountfields Lodge School. I have always been a member of the Finance, Audit and Risk Cttee and for many years was also a member on the SEND Cttee.

I was on the committee producing the annual Trust Board Report for several years. Currently I am the Training and Development governor/trustee for the Governing Body/Trust Board

Current term started: 30/11/20

Current term ends: 29/11/24

Liz Monk

I became a governor/trustee in 2019 and am currently the Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

I am Deputy CEO at Loughborough Students’ Union where I have responsibility for Governance, Finance, HR, H&S and Change Management.  I have a PGCE, a MA in International Higher Education and have previously worked in Learning Teaching Development.

I am also a parent to two children who both attend the school.

Current term started:  27/03/23

Current term ends: 26/03/23

Kelly Bayliss

I am currently in my 6th year of teaching at Mountfields Lodge Primary School. I started here 7 years ago as a student teacher in Year 3 initially for 6 weeks… and I’m still here! I previously taught in Year 1 for two years, then Year 3 for three years and now Year 3/4.

I enjoy running, going for walks and cycling with my husband. We also enjoy travelling when we have the opportunity, most recently we have been to Mexico, but we love a city break!

Current term started: 04/12/23

Current term ends: 04/12/24