Visions & Values

Our School Motto is:


Our pupils recognise our motto as being aspirational – they feel it is relevant and apt and encourages them to ‘think big’ and not settle for less than they deserve. It is as pertinent for our learners as it is for all those who are in a learning partnership with them – the school staff, parents, family members and friends, outside agencies and providers.

Our School Vision is to have learners who develop EPIC qualities.

E: We want our pupils to have a love of exploring facts, finding information and developing new skills; we want them to be inquisitive and enquiring.

P: We want them to not give up at the first hurdle (or even the second); we want them to know that effort, commitment and hard work can pay dividends; we want them to persevere.

I: We want them to learn how to learn; to learn how to pursue lines of enquiry and interest for themselves; we want them to develop independence.

CWe want them to be able to tell others, with confidence and clarity, what they know, what they think, what they imagine…we want them to be good communicators.