A Curriculum To Inspire @ Mountfields Lodge


These are the ‘drivers’ around which our curriculum is centred. Whilst our ‘Curriculum to Inspire’ is based on the EYFS Curriculum and the National Curriculum, we have been proactive in our school by developing a Curriculum which inspires our children to learn and is relevant to their needs now – and in the future in our school. We are not static in our thinking regarding the Curriculum we plan to deliver; we believe that on-going Curriculum review is essential, refreshing and exciting.

We want to provide a curriculum that allows for our EPIC ‘drivers’, or ‘learner attributes’, to be instilled in our pupils in order that they become EPIC Learners; we want them to:


  1. Explore facts,  information and skills; we want them to be inquisitive and enquiring (EXPLORE)
  2. Not give up at the first hurdle (or even the second); we want them to know that effort, commitment and hard work can pay dividends (PERSEVERE)
  3. Learn how to learn; to learn how to pursue lines of enquiry and interest for themselves (be INDEPENDENT)
  4. Be able to tell others, with confidence and clarity, what they know, what they think, what they imagine… (COMMUNICATE)

We have 5 Curriculum Teams made up of teaching staff, each with a team leader:

  1. Well-Being Team: PE, PSHE, RE (this encompasses FBV (Fundamental British Values), SMSC (Spiritual, Moral and Social Curriculum), Drug and Alcohol Education, RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education), Mental Health). Team Leader: Mrs Mock
  2. Global and Cultural Team: History, Geography, Music, Art. Team Leader: Mr Coleman
  3. English Team  Team Leader: Mr Wilson
  4. Maths Team  Team Leader: Mr Froud
  5. Innovation Team: Science, Computing, DT (Design Technology)  Team Leader: Mrs Moore

These teams contunually review and revise our ‘Curriculum to Inspire @ MfL’, focusing upon what we are trying to achieve; our Intent; how we wish to deliver this; our Implementation, and how we know if we are ‘getting it right’ for our learners; our Impact.

Each Team is capturing this in our new Curriculum (Subject) Statements (replacing our previous Currciulum Policies), and you will find these below.

In each Curriculum Statement there is a Progression Map which details the acquistion of knowledge, understanding and skills as our pupils move through our school. From these Maps we have identified what we call our Core Learning expectations; these are our ‘non-negotiables’ for teaching and learning.

In each Statement there is also clarification on the Key Characteristics that we believe will make our pupils successful learners in each subject; we call these our ‘How to be a good…’ (historian, coder, scientist…).